About the plan

Australia’s health systems are under increased pressure, but Queensland has a plan.

We’re building 3 new hospitals, expanding 11 more and delivering a new Queensland Cancer Centre. Adding 2,509 new beds over six years, including an accelerated infrastructure delivery program providing additional beds within the next 24 months. This is on top of the 869 beds already in the pipeline.

We’re recruiting over 9,000 health workers, starting today. We're also investing in mental health support, The Royal Flying Doctor Service and Queensland Ambulance Service.

These are real changes and they’re happening now.

The Queensland Health and Hospitals Plan [PDF 3.18MB]

Why is the hospital system under pressure?

Queensland’s health system, like many across the nation and around the world, is under increased pressure.

This pressure is being driven by:

  • our growing and ageing population
  • lack of aged, disability and primary care
  • declining private health cover
  • the ongoing pressures of COVID-19.

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What improvements are being made

  • Changes to the health system

    Changes are happening now across Queensland’s health system. Find out what changes are happening in your local area.

  • Getting the right care

    Part of easing the pressure on our health system is making sure we all play our part, to access the right care at the right time. Find out what you can do to help our emergency departments.

  • Using the health system

    Health care involves many decisions. The choices made on your journey have an impact not only on the improvements you see to your health, but also on how happy you are with your health care experience.

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Last updated: March 2023