Video Transcript - Queensland Hospital and Health plan


VOICE OVER: Queensland has some of the best free health care in the world, but like many health systems it is facing increased pressure.

VOICE OVER: This is being driven by:

  • a growing and ageing population
  • a lack of aged, disability and primary care
  • declining private health cover
  • COVID-19.

VOICE OVER: Queensland Health aims to provide the greatest volume of care for Queenslanders, but this requires balancing the increased need for emergency care, with the constant need for non-emergency care.

VOICE OVER: The most important thing to know is that you will receive care when you need it

VOICE OVER: But the sickest patients will always be seen first, and if your condition is not urgent, you may have to wait.

VOICE OVER: You can help by calling 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) or asking your GP what medical care you may need, and only calling Triple Zero (000) in a life-threatening emergency.

VOICE OVER: To help Queensland Health continue to deliver world-class health care, we’re:

  • building 3 new hospitals and expanding 11 more.
  • upgrading hospital and health facilities across regional, rural, and remote areas.
  • adding 750 new hospitals beds over the next two years, with 2,200 more to come.
  • recruiting over 9,000 health workers.
  • investing in the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Queensland Ambulance Service.
  • expanding virtual care.

VOICE OVER: And, prioritising mental health – meaning more services and mental health professionals where and when they’re needed.

VOICE OVER: These are real changes, happening now.

Last updated: August 2022